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Building relationship with Jerusalem Children's Home 

'If I can stop one heart from breaking, If I can ease one life from aching, cool one pain, or help one fainting robin unto his nest again, I shall not live in vain " (Emily Dickinson)

Fearless compassion, love, service, sacrifice, selflessness, surrender are some keywords connected with the initiators of 'The New Jerusalem Children's Home', a haven for traumatised, abused, abandoned, orphaned, HIV positive and vulnerable children (age 0 - 14 years). The Home was founded by Anna and Phina Mojapelo. The two sisters are qualified professionals and share the same passion of serving and helping children in need. Anna is a qualified advocate, business woman, manager, spiritual counselor and experienced community worker. She left her job as an advocate to help and support children in need and surrendered her comfortable life. The challenges she faces now are enormous, but she prefers to follow her heart and is determined to make a vast difference for those ones in need. She worked in Midrand for more than 10 years in uplifting the community,in poverty alleviation and in economic empowerment programs. She has been taking care of abandoned babies and teenagers in distress since 1998 and her motto has been all the time:
'I live to serve, I love to serve, I serve to set life free'.

New projects to come are renovation, the building of units for a family like environment and the building of a school. The Home is officially acknowledged and the vision is to grow, to give housing and 24 hour-care to 120 children. Your love and support are most welcome and appreciated.
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