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MiTek connectors offer the maufacturer peace of mind when it comes to structural connections.

MiTek offers solutions for pre-fabricated roof trusses, site made trusses, Anti split plates for poles/logs and repair plates for the pallet market.

All MiTek connectors are made from galvanised steel varying in thickness from 1mm to 2mm dependant on the application. Stainless steel products can also be supplied on request.

MiTek also offers a sophisticated design software package that analyzes the forces that pass through the connection based on the load cases submitted in order to provide the safest solution from its extended product range.

The Gryptite Connector Plate  

The use of "Gryptite" connector plates is the carpenter's alternative option to nailing and bolting in the manufacture of site made timber roof trusses.

The use of this method could save ± 50 % on timber requirements compared to bolted trusses, and is completely acceptable in terms of the National Building Regulations (NBR). 

The 'grass hopper' type nail makes it very easy for the builder to be able to embed the plate without any sophisticated machinery.
Trusses manufactured using the Gryptite plate are limited to 8m span unless designed by MiTek or a MiTek Licensed fabricator
Please see the Download section for a copy of the Gryptite manual.