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During the Mid 1990's, the Crickmay report stated that South Africa was likely to run out of timber if the current demand continued.

It was with this thought in mind that MiTek embarked on providing timber replacement products that could be used in roof truss structures.

Today, MiTek boasts solutions for battens, purlins, web runners, bracing and ceiling brandering.

Almost in every case, steel presented the erector with lighter, straighter and more cost effective solutions.

eCo Purlin  

The eCo Purlin is a steel hat channel purlin that can be used on both timber and steel trusses. 

With dimensions of 76mm x 40mm, it is manufactured from 0.5mm galvanized steel. 

The advantages are numerous, easy splicing, does not warp, compact stacking and due to it's light weight nature it is economical to transport and easy to handle on site.

eCo Purlins can be used with trusses spaced at up 1400mm centres using most steel sheeting coverings.
eCo Purlins are normally supplied in 3.0m and 5.8m lengths but should you have a large demand of one length, we can cut-to-length to reduce waste.

eCo Speed Brace

eCo Speed Brace is a pre-punched shallow V profile galvanized metal tension bracing strip designed to brace top chords, bottom chords and webs. 
The bracing and connecting details are designed to provide equivalent bracing and stiffening properties to timber bracing.
eCo Speed Brace is supplied in 3.6m lengths.
Please refer to the downloads section for a copy of our bracing manual.