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eCo Fasteners are timber and steel fastening devices that provide strong and rigid connections to any building structured in which they are applied. The use of the appropriate fastener in the correct manner not only ensures strong connections, but also the structural integrity of building.

100% compatible with Ultra Span, our light gauge steel truss system, eCo fasteners are uniquely designed, durable, and easy to use and load tested for their respective application.

Available in over 800 hardware stores nationwide and used by over 160 licenced MiTek fabricators, eCo fasteners are ideal for South African conditions but are also extensively used in other parts of the world.

Accompanied by technical specifications and backup support from our dedicated teams of experienced professionals, users will find these fasteners offer multiple solutions and produce the safest connections of any building systems.

eCo Fasteners are the recommended roof truss products and set the benchmark in timber and steel construction.

eCo Cleats

eCo Heavy duty type H cleats are designed to ensure sound connections at truss and girder intersections. 


eCo Products 03

These Cleats can be specified in a variety of different configurations to suit different loads and structural arrangements. 
Three alternative vertical flanges types cater for either 5, 8 or 12 M12 bolts .
Base plates are designed to cater for multiple incoming trusses
Please see our download section for a catalogue of cleats and design values

Bracing products

eCo speedbrace is a pre-punched galvanised shallow 'V' profile galvanised metal tension bracing strip designed to brace top chords, bottom chords and webs.The bracing and connection details are designed to provide equivalent bracing and stiffening properties to timber bracing.


eCo products 04

eCo speedbrace is lightweight and easily fixed to the top of rafter or bottom chords using eCo Permfix nails. eCo speedbrace is available in 3.6m Lengths.

eCo Bracing Strap is a perforated galvanised steel strip 25mm x 1,0mm which is used extensively for cross bracing frames or bracing roof trusses during erection. Tensioners are used with bracing strap to achieve maximum tension after fixing. eCo Bracing Strap is available in 10m and 30m rolls.

Please refer to the downloads section for a copy of our bracing manual

eCo Purlin, Hurricane and Trip-L-Grip Clips

eCo Purlin Clips provide a solution for purlin to rafter connections under normal wind conditions. A single purlin clip is required per connection except at the apex, eaves and gables, where a pair of purlin clips must be used.  

eCo Products 06

eCo Hurricane Clips provide a solution for purlin to rafter connections under high wind conditions. A single Hurricane Clip is required per connection except at the apex, eaves and gables, where a pair of Hurricane Clips must be used. 
eCo Hurricane and Purlin Clips are attached using eCo Permfix nails.

eCo Trip-L-Grip has been developed as an economical connecting unit to simplify structural jointing in timber roof, wall, ceiling and floor framing. Trip-L-Grips are pre-bent for fast application.