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MiTek South Africa are the leading provider of pre-fabricated cold formed steel truss systems, and services for commercial, residential and low cost construction.

MiTek provides a complete package of products and services to manufacturers of pre-fabricated cold formed steel trusses, including:
• A full suite of estimating, design, fabrication, and management software
• Proprietary Ultra-Span® steel truss sections
• A complete line of connectors and accessories
• Full-service cold formed component and structure engineering

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Steel Trusses Ultra-Span-01

Ultra-Span® products are marketed through a network of authorized fabricators. These fabricators specialize in providing factory-built roof trusses to the specifications provided. 

Steel Trusses Ultra-Span-02

Trusses can be erected on the ground and then due to the lightweight nature of the roof, craned into position.