MiTek has launched the 20/20 Advanced Online Refresher course, and this is now available to all customers that comply with the qualifying criteria at NO COST.

Customers eligible to enroll on this course need to have completed ALL MiTek 20/20 Software courses (Introduction to Roof Technology, Introduction to 20/20, 20/20 Intermediate and 20/20 Advanced).

This online Advanced Refresher Course intends to refresh candidates on specific roofs in the roofing industry, not encountered on a daily basis, on principles shown in MiTek’s 20/20 Software Courses.

The course will evolve over time to cover more topics or roof types.

Roofs currently covered in this course:

1.     Polynesian Roofs
2.     Attic and Dormers.
3.     Ridge Beam Rafter roofs with Dormers.

The module breakdown of the course is as follows:

The course also has a download section, allowing customers to download parts of the course for offline and future reference, and also features a
Course Forum that allow them to “chat” with other candidates enrolled on the course.

If any of your Estimators or Designers have completed ALL our software training and looking for a refresher course, this is the course they want to enrol on.

Interested in the course? Please contact MiTek SA Training at to find out more.

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