It is a new year, and we would like to assist our customers to be more profitable and efficient in their manufacturing process.

We have an excellent trainer that speaks the language of the factory workers, presenting country wide courses throughout South Africa, to Unit Standards.

Here are some of the benefits of conducting Roof Truss ManufacturingSAWS & JIGS Unit Standard training to truss plant employees:

•    Optimizing Operational costs
Trained personnel will be able to make better and more economical decisions in selecting timber materials and equipment. Wastage of timber will be reduced, and in addition, the rate of injury incidents and damage to machinery will be kept to the minimum by the well-trained employees. This will lead to lower production cost.

•    Greater Productivity
A well trained saw operator or jigger usually shows greater productivity and higher quality of work-output than an untrained employee. An increase in skills helps to increase the worker performance, as well as quantity and quality of trusses.

•    Standardized Procedures
With the help of uniform training, the best available methods of timber selection, cutting and jigging can be standardized and made available to all employees. Standardized cutting and jigging procedures, will make high levels of performance the rule rather than the exception.

•    Less Supervision
When workers are given proper training, the requirement for constant supervision is reduced. Though training does not completely eliminate the need for supervision; it does reduce the need for full time supervision.

•    Effective Teaching of Skills
Experience has taught us that factory workers do not need to learn by trial and error or by observing others; that is time wasting when a formal training programme is available. An organised training programme helps to reduce the learning time to reach acceptable levels of performance.

•    Building a Skilled labour force
Training can be used to identify promising and talented workers, and that also assist in removing unsuitable members of the production team.

•    Higher Morale
The morale of factory workers increases if they are given proper training and receive certification. A good training programme moulds workers’ attitude, as clarity is provided on the individual’s role in the production process, as well as within the roofing industry. The positive results are that dissatisfaction, complaints, absenteeism and staff turnover, can be reduced among factory workers.

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