The Automated in-feed system is just one of the latest offerings in the MiTek Equipment stable. The in-feed system allows for timber to be handled less and have the timber in cutting order for the saw operator. The strong design allows for timber to be stored in layers taking space consumption to a minimum and no more looking for timber in stacks packed on production floor.


•    Forward / reverse motion.
•    Strong rugged design.
•    Height adjustment.
•    Shaft driven to ensure minimum maintenance.
•    Motor drive can be fitted both sides.
•    Tables can be adjusted to suit different lengths


•    Multi chain strand conveyors.
•    Robust build to accommodate weight.
•    Forward and reverse motion.
•    Choice of amount of in-feed tables.
•    Simplify timber picking and handling at saw.
•    Saw time saving – timber availability.


Footprint (based on 3 tables):        5.800m   x  3.510m
Drive motor:                               1Hp  –  0.75Kw
Travel:                                       222m/min
Weight/table:                              310Kg
Safety:                                      All drive shafts are enclosed.

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