MiTek is a trusted brand that is best-known for Ultra-Span, its economical, ultra-lightweight roofing solution, and PAMIR, its industry-leading Roof Truss and Posi-Joist design software. Combine the two, and you are guaranteed a roofing solution that you can count on for unrivalled longevity, affordability and convenience in a wide array of different projects and applications. 

PAMIR and Ultra-Span 

PAMIR is a powerful and versatile fully integrated CAD, layout and engineering package, with full EC5 engineering to the very latest design codes. It combines Layout, Engineering, Output and 3D tools into a single fully integrated application, replacing what were traditionally separate programmes with one complete solution.

Ultra-Span is a pre-fabricated light gauge steel roof truss system that is both lightweight and compact for economical transportation costs. It has been designed by world-renowned engineers using PAMIR in order to perfect it and ensure a host of benefits. For instance, Ultra-Span offers the following:

  • It allows for fast and easy erection due to its reduced weight per m2,
  • It is non-combustible, which means it cannot be damaged by smoke or fire,
  • It is made out of steel, hence it cannot be affected by mould, fungus or opportunistic rodents and termites,
  • It is durable. Along with its resistance to fire, fungus, rodents and termites, Ultra-Span is finished off with a strong galvanized coating for added protection, and 
  • It can be used for a variety of different types of projects. It can be used for small low-cost housing developments, as well as a roofing solution for large 40 m clear span commercial structures.

Basically, when you opt to invest in Ultra-Span, you can rest assured that you are investing in a tried and tested roofing solution backed by state-of-the-art engineering software with an expert seal of approval. 

For more information about Ultra-Span and PAMIR, do not hesitate to get in touch with MiTek today.