Low-cost housing projects are widespread throughout the African landscape. The real challenge that comes to light regarding these projects, however, is actually managing to keep the associated costs to a minimum. Light-gauge steel framing is becoming the go-to choice for low-cost housing developments for many reasons. We highlight some of the main benefits below. 


Light-Gauge Steel Framing Is Lightweight 


This means that it is not only much easier but also more cost-effective to transport and erect. The labour costs are also greatly decreased as they are simple to set up and take much less time to do so compared to various other low-cost housing framing ‘solutions’. 


Light-Gauge Steel Framing Is Durable 


Another challenge when it comes to low-cost housing projects in Africa is trying to keep maintenance requirements low. Maintenance obviously costs a lot of money. And, unfortunately, many of these home’s inhabitants simply will not have that kind of money on hand. The great news is that light-gauge steel framing usually comes with a strong galvanised coating, which aids in making it one of the most durable framing options available on the market. 


Light-Gauge Steel Framing Is Almost Impossible to Damage 


The framing is resistant to fungus and mould growth, it cannot be burrowed into by rodents and other pests, and it is also obviously non-combustible. This makes it extremely resistant to damage and, therefore, sure to stand the test of time. 

Introducing Ultra-Span 

Ultra-Span is a pre-fabricated light gauge steel roof truss system that is both lightweight and compact for economical transportation costs. It has been designed by the respected global brand, MiTek, and boasts a span capability from small, low-cost housing to large 40 m clear span commercial structures.

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