Posi-Joists are engineered flooring joists that provide increased design flexibility thanks, for the most part, to the fact that they are capable of longer spans than alternative timber products. The open web design is another factor in the flexibility of Posi-Joists. How do these unique characteristics enable this versatility?

Longer spans

Posi-Joists are capable of spanning further than other flooring solutions. This is a result of their engineered, lightweight but robust structure, which uses the strength of Posi-Strut steel webbing to bear greater loads over greater lengths. Because you can now enjoy flooring joists with almost double the span of solid timber options, you can have fewer load-bearing interior walls. This opens up the space both literally and creatively, enabling greater flexibility in your designs and allowing you to build larger spaces.

However, the benefits of the longer span of Posi-Joists go further than mere aesthetic and functional considerations. In addition to freeing you up to design the spaces you want, they also reduce your costs. The reduction in the need for interior support means that you can save on materials and labour.

Open web design

The open web design of Posi-Joists provides dual benefits. This design, together with the steel webbing that makes it possible, provide the strength that enables the longer spans discussed above. It also provides the extra benefit of a large service void, which allows for easy installation of utilities.

The combination of these two qualities gives Posi-Joists both versatility and efficiency. You have greater freedom with regard to your design choices and you can also reduce your costs and provide for faster and more efficient utility installation and maintenance.

For more information on all the benefits of Posi-Joist, and how they can help you increase the quality and reduce the costs of your next construction project, contact MiTek.