MiTek are delighted to announce the launch of our new 3D model sharing platform, MiTek 3D

MiTek 3D is a cloud based platform for Component Manufacturers using MiTek software to share interactive 3D models of their designs with customers and other interested parties.

MiTek 3D is built on an MS Azure cloud database, with models hosted free of charge by MiTek and retained for up to 3 years for MiTek customers.

An easily accessible 3D model facilitates and greater interaction between the manufacturer and end client, allowing for better collaboration on design, easy identification and resolution of potential issues, and a greater understanding of the project. It also provides an excellent sales tool, with manufacturers able to share 3D models at quotation stage.

The models are extremely simple to share and can then be viewed anywhere, on any device.

For MiTek PAMIR users, MiTek 3D is available from v9.0 of the software. Once an account is created, you can share a 3D model of your roof or floor design with a single mouse click and immediately pass a link to a recipient who can open and view the model straight away on any device. QR codes for quick links to the 3D model can also be automatically generated for inclusion on both design and schedule outputs.



For an example 3D model please click here

PAMIR now contains powerful .ifc model linking tools, and linked ifc models will be passed to MiTek 3D allowing for complete 3D BIM modelling.

Beta customers are already using MiTek 3D and the feedback from customers and the recipients of the model has been extremely positive. Mark Terry at Huws Gray has been delighted with the simplicity and speed of creating and sharing the models, “It’s so fast to publish the models, it’s instant with MiTek3D”.  Once shared models are being used effectively by a variety of recipients.  Jason at Fine Carpentry was sent models by Tailor Made Designs, and has found the models useful both to assist erection on site and for the initial pricing of a project, commenting that ”I really rate the 3D models, for installation and also for initial pricing”.

“I really rate the 3D models, for installation and also for initial pricing”
Fine Carpentry Jason

MiTek 3D is developed and hosted by MiTek, which crucially allows us complete control over the offering and will enable us to add additional exciting functionality in future versions of the software. The tool will allow MiTek’s partner manufacturers to better engage, communicate and collaborate with their customers and supply chain.

To find out more please talk to your technical support contact at MiTek or contact us here