Modern methods of construction for house building

Concrete has been an acceptable house building material since the early 19th century and is used widely in South Africa’s construction industry.

But while it has many benefits, new technology and clever design means that these days, it’s not always the best solution.

For starters, it’s a highly carbon intensive material. It’s heavy to manoeuvre, with a tendency to sink and crack over time. And it conducts cold into the home.

If you are looking for an alternative flooring solution, the Posi-Joist system is a viable option, that’s ultimately more efficient and cost effective in some instances than traditional concrete. Already tried and tested in other markets in Europe, Australia and the USA, MiTek’s Posi-Joist system offers advantages not possible with concrete.

It combines the lightness of timber with the strength of Posi-Strut steel web, making it strong, light, flexible and easy to install. Posi-Joist offers unrivalled design freedom, offering easy access for installation and maintenance of services in the floor.  It does not warp over time, giving you reassurance that whether you’re building a single unit or multi-home project, the system will provide quality, longevity and safety.

Another big benefit of the Posi-Joist system is that it is fabricated off-site, made to measure to your exact requirements. It can then be delivered to site, where its lightweight construction means it’s quick and easy to handle, and easy to install. As it is carefully built to precise measurements, there’s no need for expensive remedial visits.

“Quick, safe and efficient construction”

With Posi-Joist now launched within the South African market, we’re looking forward to helping the country deliver on its much-needed housing plans. We believe our system is a great way to meet the requirement for speedy, safe and efficient construction, in a sustainable, cost-effective way.

As we roll out the availability of Posi-Joist across the country, there will be opportunities for carpenters from the housebuilding sector to add to their skills – we’ll be providing design software training for component manufacturers.

We think this is an important contribution to make, and one that’s been valued in the other global markets where we’re active.

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