Ultra-Span the perfect partner for the circular economy

Minimising waste through reuse and recycling has been a major part of the construction industry for some time now, but it may surprise you to know that 99% of structural steel – increasingly used in construction around the world – is reused or recycled, and has been for many years. It’s one of the world’s most recycled products!

Architects, designers and builders seldom need convincing about the benefits of working with steel. It’s long service life, low/no maintenance requirements, ease of repurposing for building expansion, redesign or change of use, and its structural integrity mean it can be reused and recycled without detriment to its properties.

When it comes to light gauge steel, its construction processes are considerably less intensive than those required for the creation of concrete products. It’s lighter to transport, easy to assemble and disassemble, and has lower embodied carbon – you get a lot of structure for very little weight.

And it’s generally a more cost-effective and efficient construction solution, lending itself to offsite and modular construction.

It’s therefore a material that fits perfectly with the concept of a circular economy, which is based on the principles of designing out waste and pollution, keeping products and materials in use, and regenerating natural systems.

Designing out waste

Our thinking at MiTek is that if you combine all these great, ‘green’ benefits of using steel in your buildings along with the best that software design can offer, you have a great recipe for a holistic construction approach.

It’s one that will meet client requirements, minimise materials use and wastage, keep costs down, produce quality, long-life buildings and meet the core tenets of the circular economy.

We think Ultra-Span ticks all the right boxes. Designs are constructed in a modular way, offsite, and it allows for fast and easy erection due to its reduced weight per m2. Any offcuts from the process are reused, so there’s little or no waste, reducing the associated carbon intensity.

It’s lighter and easier to transport, and is easier for the workforce to manage and install.

It has other benefits, too. It is non-combustible, and cannot be damaged by smoke or fire. Nor can it be affected by mould, fungus or damaged by opportunistic rodents and termites.

It is extremely durable, finished off with a strong galvanized coating for added protection. And at the end of its life, it can be safely repurposed or recycled.

Ultra-Span lends itself to being used for a variety of different types of projects, for everything from small low-cost housing developments to larger-scale commercial developments, as well as a roofing.

“99% of structural steel is reused or recycled. It’s one of the world’s most recycled products!”

It’s an economical, ultra-lightweight roofing solution, and combined with PAMIR, our industry-leading roof truss and design software, you are guaranteed a roofing solution that you can count on for unrivalled longevity, affordability and convenience, whatever your project.

The full EC5 engineering software will ensure that you get the most from your budget and design needs, combining layout, engineering, output and 3D tools into one single, fully integrated solution.

We can still do more to address the carbon impact of construction, but in the meantime, we think our Utra-Span application of lightweight steel, with its unrivalled longevity, affordability and convenience, makes MiTek a great solution.

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