It’s great to see people get excited about your products, so we were delighted to meet Robin Clevett, carpenter and self-confessed ‘construction industry fanatic’, who is not short of enthusiasm or experience, when it comes to timber roof projects.

His biggest passion is challenging projects, and Robin has become a well-known character in the industry for sharing his expertise and knowledge on his very own ‘Big Build’ YouTube channel, which has earned him over 66,000 followers and still counting.

When it comes to construction and first class craftmanship, Robin is your man, and in his latest masterclass video he talks about ‘how to plan building the roof’. Already hitting 27,000 views it explores challenging roof builds with big spans and unusual load points.

He talks about the importance and value in carpenters and industry working with the likes of MiTek, who have the technology and software to assist with complicated designs and fabrication, to offer ‘very buildable solutions.’

Together with MiTek’s John Barrett they discuss the solution and final design. After lots of measuring and planning, with MiTek’s support he has a design for the roof which took out all the need for steel beams in the ridges.

Robin says: “Because a lot of structural engineers just don’t have experience in constructing roof structures, they end up having to look for solutions that they know work, which is a ridge steel or portal frame, and it makes it difficult on site if you can’t get a crane in or G-lifts.

“With MiTek we came up with a much nicer idea, using pre-made truss components for gables which we could justify the loads out to the external walls. We then formed the other gables in oversize stud work which helps with the insulation and services and carries any of the loads easily.”

Rob demonstrates the solution on MiTek’s 3D software adding: “With MiTek’s support we were able to come up with a way to create a beautiful roof structure, that I could make on site out of loose fill timber components. This has been an absolute dream.”

With such passion and focus on quality first, it’s great to have Robin as a brand advocate. To watch Robin’s video and see the designs visit: Big Build


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