Automated efficiency

Easy Saw Automatic

An efficient automated truss saw, cuts all members with 100% accuracy.

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Manual and versatile

Easy Saw Manual

An efficient manual saw that can be upgraded to an automated saw.

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For cutting multiple members


A Robust and efficient manual saw to cut multiple members at one time. Available in a long or short bed configuration.

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Robust and dependable

Roller Press

A Robust Roller press with soft start and increased (30mm) drum thickness. Available in a 3.6m or 4.5 m option.

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Steel jigging tables

MiSet 1080 Steel Tables

Robust steel jigging tables for your roof truss manufacturing plant.

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Heavy gauge steel tables

Tee Tracker jig and pressing system

The Tee Tracker jig is table pressing system with a large pressing capacity. They are ideal for the manufacture of large span complex trusses and short production runs. This ensures various jigging options, enabling extremely fast set up times.

The wide press head enables simultaneous pressing of multiple joints, reducing pressing time.

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For your factory or on-site

Ultra-Span jigging system

Versatile Jigging system for the manufacture of Ultra-Span light gauge steel trusses.

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Saw feeding system

Semi Automated Infeed System

Versatile infeed system for your component or linear saw.

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Manual or motorized

Infeed Rollers

Infeed Rollers in either a 1.5m or 3.0m configutration your manufacturing plant.

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