About Posi-Rafters

Posi-Rafters are parallel chord trusses, plated together with Posi-Strut metal webs.
As with Posi-Joist floor joists they are designed and manufactured offsite and tailored to the requirements of each individual project.
The Posi-Rafter solution is suitable for both pitched roofs and flat roofs. They are stronger than solid timber rafters, therefore can span further and require less internal support.


A wide range of depths and end details provide great flexibility in their application, and the need for expensive hangers and metalwork can be eliminated through clever detailing by our skilled manufacturers.
The open web construction allows for services and utilities to be easily routed through the rafters with no need for cutting, drilling or battening out.
Posi-Rafters can also offer greater thermal U values than solid timber rafters.

Interactive 3D Output

MiTek® manufacturers are able to send you an interactive 3D view of your design. A great way to visualise the roof design on site that also helps minimise mistakes in construction.
Best of all there is no need for any fancy apps or technology, just an internet connection is required.
Ask your manufacturer about providing a 3D view for your smart device today.

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