Engineering services

With Professional Engineers licensed in each region, we are strategically located to provide expertise in reviewing designs of component manufacturers. We lead the industry in credibility, speed, accuracy and efficiency.

MiTek Engineering Professional Services, covered by our Professional Indemnity Insurance include:

  • Responsibility for the MiTek Design suite of programs
  • Responsibility for the MiTek Designs
  • Responsibility for the checking and certification of final structures.


Covering every region

MiTek Engineering has a National Engineering Office in Midrand and has regional engineering support in each of the regions – Cape Town, Port Elizabeth and Durban. The Scope of activities covered for the MiTek Fabricator include:

  • Design Checks
  • Full working drawings
  • Site Inspections
  • Completion Certificates
  • Customer Support

Additional work

Additional work undertaken by the Engineering Department:

  • Ad Hoc Designs
  • Consultation with Architects and specifiers
  • Insurance Site Inspections
  • OHASA inspections
  • Code Committees
  • ECSA investigations
  • Expert legal witnesses
  • Product tests and evaluation
  • Use of alternative material – evaluation and testing
  • Proof and prototype testing using the MiTek truss testing rig
  • International liaison with MiTek Engineering in Europe and Australasia
  • Failure investigations
  • Training

Engineering work done for the MiTek Customers is charged out according to our Engineering rates which are subsidized to create the advantage for our customers. All projects are however negotiable, please contact your nearest design centre to discuss what we can offer.