In order to become the lowest cost producer we need to improve our manufacturing speeds and reduce costs whilst still getting the job out of the door on time.

Automation is the solution and the question remains, do I, or don’t I?

There are a few factors that needs to be taken into account before you start throwing money at the problem:

  • Personnel Cost
  • Capital recovery
  • How much of a margin will it provide over the conventional processes

Simply stated, do your homework, ensure you invest in the correct equipment and ensure you have the backup to maintain and operate the equipment. Ensure you balance the cost against the potential labor savings automation may deliver.

So, you have done your costings and have automated your plant, well done. You have computer driven machinery and you need to transfer files from computers to the equipment computer and all is working like a dream.

Protecting your investment 

Imagine this You get to work early one morning, switch on your computer and what do you see. A clock ticking and a ransom valueincrease every second the clock is ticking.

All your data on all your PC’s, including the computers on your new automated machinery, has been compromised and you are in the hands of the hackers.

So how did this happen?

  • Your work force and their memory sticks with music and movies on it.
  • Unsecured documents opened in email.

All companies can fall victim to ransom-ware if suitable Anti-Virus packages are not loaded.

So, what do you need?

  • A person on staff that is computer savvy.
  • If you don’t have a computer savvy person, you will have to rely on an IT consultant. But how much do you know about them, do they have adequate protection?
  • Make one person responsible to ensure to update your computer’s hardware and software.
  • Reguarly back up your files to external hard disks or 64GB USB flash drives.
  • Have a standby computer disconnected from your network with all the essential programs and files.
  • Ensure Anti-Virus packages are installed and up to date on all of your computers (including those on your automated manufacturing equipment).
  • Update company code of conduct disciplinary status relating to private device connection to company computers.

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