With Women’s Month in full swing,the Institute for Timber Construction South Africa (ITC-SA) has put the spotlight on three of its female members to share their experiences as women in the construction industry.

The article “CLIMBING THE SCAFFOLDING: SOUTH AFRICAN WOMEN IN ROOFING” was featured in various publications:


Below is an extract from the article, featuring Jewel Kreutzfeldt:

Jewel Kreutzfeldt, National Engineering Manager for MiTek Industries SA and Engineering Member of the ITC-SA, studied Civil Engineering at Witwatersrand Technikon and has worked in the roofing industry for the past 27 years.

With an engineering background, Kreutzfeldt has an affinity for the complex: “I love to solve problems relating to intricate roofs and to work out how to best frame them,” she says. But her entry into the sector did not come without its own difficulties. “In the beginning of my career, a particular challenge I faced was having to prove to contractors that I knew what I was talking about. Many of them had been in the industry for longer than I had (and loved to tell me so). So as a woman in a traditionally male environment, earning their respect took some time,” she says, adding, “But having been in the game for so long, people now know who I am at MiTek and I don’t need to prove myself. I enjoy a great deal of respect from my customers and the people with whom I work.”

Well done to everyone involved in this initiative. We as MiTek South Africa, are proud of every single woman in MiTek and in the roofing industry. Thank you for your devotion and all of the contributions that you have made to the success of our company.

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