Professionals involved in low-cost housing and other remote projects will be thrilled to discover that Ultra-Span, one of MiTek’s leading products, is now available in kit form. This ensures the ultimate in convenience and transportability, along with many other cost-saving advantages as highlighted below. 

What to Expect from Ultra-Span Kits

Ultra-Span kits come equipped with all components in the exact required lengths. This means that builders will only need to take care of on-site assembly. Alternatively, Ultra-Span kits can be supplied in a pre-assembled form. Companies will benefit from a reduction in costs due to larger truss spacings (1,1 to 1,2 metres) when compared to more traditional timber trusses. Ultimately, this means that more roofs can be transported on the same delivery. Furthermore, erecting the roofing structures will prove to be a much faster task due to the presence of fewer trusses and the fact that Ultra-Span is much lighter weight than its timber equivalents.

Why Ultra-Span Is the Best Choice for Low-Cost Housing 

Convenience and affordability are key to successful low-cost housing developments in developing countries. And, the great news is that Ultra-Span, and Ultra-Span kits, in particular, provide both. The kits allow for faster installation without the expected price tag. There are various kits available for a wide array of budgets.

Along with the aforementioned benefits, a further site advantage of Ultra-Span kits specifically on large low-cost housing sites is the inherent resistance of light gauge steel to warping in poor weather conditions, as well as the materials being non-combustible and, as such, not being used for other purposes.

Looking for more information about the all-new Ultra-Span kits for low-cost housing projects? Do not hesitate to get in touch with the MiTek team today!