You do not want to have to worry about repairs and other problems any time soon after having chosen and implemented a roofing solution on your property. That is why longevity should be a top priority when deciding which roofing solution is the right choice for you. Introducing Ultra-Span, the pre-fabricated light gauge steel roof truss system that is both lightweight and compact for economical transportation and installation costs.

What Makes Ultra-Span so Durable? 

Contrary to timber equivalents, Ultra-Span is non-combustible and resistant to borer and fungus attacks thanks to its strong galvanized coating. Ultimately, this means that it is statistically likely to last much longer than many other traditional roofing solutions currently available on the market. 

Other Reasons Why Ultra-Span Is the Roofing Solution of Choice 

Along with maximising longevity, Ultra-Span is also incredibly versatile. It offers a span capability from small low-cost to large 40 m clear span commercial structures, and allows for ease of truss manufacture with screws and electric fixing tool directly on site or in factory conditions.

Light gauge steel offers a wide range of benefits when compared with conventional construction using other framing materials. There are advantages in terms of quality, cost, durability and speed of construction. Reduced wastage, lower logistical costs and earlier occupation offer cost savings, compared with conventional building methods. In short, Ultra-Span covers all bases for home owners and business owners alike, ensuring a long-lasting, cost-effective and convenient roofing solution not only at the time of purchase, but also for many, many years to come. 

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