Clear span commercial structures are both affordable and trendy. They offer an instantly eye-catching interior design and are suitable for various commercial buildings from shopping malls to office space. Below, we highlight the reasons why light-gauge steel framing solutions, in particular, are ideal for constructing clear span commercial structures.

What Are Clear Span Structures? 

A clear span structure is essentially a building that is able to stretch long distances without any need for interior support columns. Clear span structures are designed to support the load of their own weight without any help from load-bearing interior walls.

Light-Gauge Steel Framing Is the Lightest Weight Material on the Market

Obviously, the lighter the framing, the better when it comes to clear span structures. This is great news for light-gauge steel framing as it is currently the lightest weight material available on the market. 

Light-Gauge Steel Framing Is Effortless to Transport 

Light-gauge steel framing can reduce the costs associated with the construction of a clear span structure. It is effortless to transport, meaning fewer back and forth trips will be required. Furthermore, it means that the actual process of erecting the framing will be easier and less time-consuming, thus saving money in labour-related costs. 

Light-Gauge Steel Framing Requires Minimal Maintenance 

Light-gauge steel framing is resistant to fungus and mould growth, and it is impossible for pests like termites and rodents to burrow into it. Ultimately, it is a type of framing that requires very little maintenance in order to retain its integrity.

Ultra-Span Light-Gauge Steel Framing from MiTek 

If you are sold on investing in light-gauge steel framing for your project, Ultra-Span by MiTek is the only way to go. This pre-fabricated light gauge steel roof truss system is both lightweight and compact. Plus, it boasts a span capability from small, low-cost housing projects to large 40 m clear span commercial structures.

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