Supporting companies to plug the skills gap

Infrastructure development, city, urban and regional planning are all priority areas for the South African government.

But like many countries across the globe, South Africa is experiencing challenges when it comes to recruiting its own skilled workforce with the right credentials in the architecture and construction design sectors.

These are skills that are globally in short supply, which can make it difficult for companies to get their building projects off the ground.

Attracting and training up your own workforce obviously takes time, so what’s the short-term solution for companies keen to deliver urgently needed construction projects or to bid for new work?

Our Dedicated Services team could be the perfect answer.


Covering estimating, design and drafting services, our skilled personnel offer a really practical way of supporting businesses with their construction projects, bridging any skills gap in the short term.

Companies can call upon the particular skills they require for as long as they need them, with the individual becoming an integrated part of the team – and bringing with them access to a full range of CAD and software programs.

An approach like this can enable companies to win new work and get their projects off the ground, while supporting South Africa’s infrastructure ambition, offering flexibility and scalability, and at the same time, helping to keep costs under control.

Longer term, we’d hope that employers will see the full value of having such skills in-house and support educational and training programmes that will attract new entrants to the sector.

Ultimately bringing benefits to the country’s economy, to companies’ profitability, and to the career prospects for a new generation.

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