Businesses in South Africa can now benefit from the unbeatable combination of MiTek’s Ultra-span and Pamir software.

We talked to Alan Hampton from Forfar Rooftruss in the UK to find out how using Pamir software has made a real difference to his company…

Forfar’s links with MiTek began close to three decades ago with supply of the connector plates and the software required to engineer the roof trusses. Over time, this relationship has blossomed, with Forfar incorporating MiTek machinery in its sawing facilities and more recently, with the addition of the Posi-Joist flooring system.

We now manufacture Posi-joist as well using the MiTek software. And of course, we have the new full suite of Pamir software including the 3D modelling,” said Alan.

It’s been a great partnership with MiTek because we’ve grown at the same pace together. We’ve worked well with them, we’ve grown with them. There’s been continuity throughout, with the same people, the same contacts, the same excellent service all the way through. I can always get them on the phone, I can always talk to them, and I’ll always get an answer.”

What made Alan invest in MiTek’s machinery and software?  “It’s really down to our experience in using their products and services, and the confidence this gave us that this would carry forward in other areas. They don’t do anything by half. They are the global brand and they have a very strong reputation.”

Alan is emphatic about the potential of MiTek’s 3D modelling and Pamir software, and says if opens up lots of possibilities for businesses looking to give their customers great, professional services.

“The 3D visualisation and technical capabilities never fail to impress”

When I was first introduced to the software I was concerned as it looked complex. But once we started to use it we realised it was anything but, and realised its benefits – particularly when selling a product to a customer,” he said.

A lot of customers find it difficult to visualise how a roof looks, or how a room within a roof looks, or how a particular detail will look.  The MiTek 3D software allows us to demonstrate that quite clearly to them.

And then we started to discover that, particularly when the job was on site, if there was an issue or a query over a specific detail or a specific area, the software could be called up on the customer’s telephone by scanning the QR code and they could rotate the image and they could zoom in, and they could say what we’re talking about in real-time.

“That has made a fantastic difference to our level of inquiries and to our ability to deal with queries once we are working on a project.”

Being able to offer the capabilities of Ultra Span combined with Pamir will help to give companies the edge over their competitors.

I have come across situations where we’ve been against other truss companies who don’t use it and it has been the tipping point where the customer feels the confidence, the product looks so high-end, so expensive and so well done that they think this gives them the extra confidence in what we’re supplying.

When we show potential customers what we can now offer thanks to the 3D visualisation and technical capabilities, they never fail to be impressed.”

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