MiTek’s exciting PAMIR roof truss and Posi Joist design software is proving a real hit with customers. We talked to David Mueller [MiTek SA Software Development Executive] to find out more about how it’s helping architects, developers and builders alike turn projects into reality.

I’ve been overseeing software development in South Africa for almost 12 years, with the support of an exceptional and dedicated team. Our PAMIR software is still quite new to our SA customers who tend to be using earlier software – we’re working hard to encourage them to upgrade to Pamir.

The software program is important to us as I see the expansion of MiTek South Africa as going hand in hand with the roll-out of PAMIR.

Customers who are already using the package in other markets, tell us that what we’re offering is much more advanced than the other programs out there, and we hope to see our customers making the same discovery.

One software for multiple solutions

The beauty of PAMIR is that the one program does so, so much more. With our previous software, in reality, you had to use three different packages – you will do the roof layout in one, export to another engineering design package, and then export to a third CAD program for detailing, rendering, visualizations and so on.

Whether you’re designing with timber, Ultra-Span or Posi joist; PAMIR integrates all the different elements into one. Originally, the software was just for timber applications, but the new version includes both Ultra-Span Light Gauge Steel and Posi Joist.

Perfect partner for Ultra-Span

The SA market could really benefit from using PAMIR for its projects, especially when it comes to its 3D capabilities.

With Ultra-Span, PAMIR really comes into its own as the 3D function clearly show the erector how the components – including bracing, fits together.

With 3D and sections, people can visualize their ideas; see if their planed structure is going work, spot errors or opportunities for improvement. Importantly, it also helps them ‘see’ the finished product, determine if the roof is aesthetically pleasing and in proportion to the rest of the building.

The new upgrade is also a great opportunity to incorporate ideas from customers – during the development phase we were able to add in some of the ideas from beta users, but this latest version embraces a lot more.

Just as an example, in Pamir Ultra-Span we can now show customers details of the screws required, how many, where they need to be placed to best effect.

All in all, it’s a really flexible and versatile tool. It combines layout, engineering, output and 3D tools into a single fully integrated application, replacing what were traditionally separate programs with one.

Learning the software is more straightforward as there is just one toolset to learn. The integration of the different areas promotes increased accuracy in design as the user can clearly see how different elements of the structure are interacting.

PAMIR is powerful and versatile, an integrated CAD, layout and engineering package, with full compliance with the latest local SANS design codes. PAMIR is only used by licensed MiTek Roof Truss and Posi-Joist manufacturers. Another great reason to try it out!

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